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16 July 2020 — Kamika Ekadashi

The topics of Kamika Ekadashi is described in Brahmavaivartha Purana in the conversation between Lord Krishna and Maharaj Yudhisthira.               

Maharaj Yudhisthira said, "O Supreme Lord Krishna! I have heard from you the glories of Devasayani Ekadashi.  Now I would like to hear  about the Ekadashi that occures during the wanning moon in the month of July/August. O, Lord! Please be kind to me and explain its glories".                

Lord Krishna replied, "O King! Please hear attentively the description of this sacred vow of Ekadashi, which removes all sins. In an ancient time Narada Muni once asked Lord Brahma about this same topic. He also inquired about the deity which is to be worshiped on that day and the process one must follow to observe this Ekadashi. 
Lord Brahma, the spiritual master of the entire universe, replied, "The Ekadashi, which occures during the wanning moon in the month of July/August, is called Kamika Ekadashi. By hearing the glories of this Ekadashi one obtains the result of performing Bajapeya sacrifice. On this auspicious day one should worship lord Vishnu, who holds a counch, a disc, a club and a lotus in His hands. The results one obtains by residing and bathing in holy places like  the Ganges, Kashi, Naimisaranya and Pushkar is obtained simply by worshiping lord Vishnu on that day. The result one can not obtain even by taking bath in Kedarnath, Kurukshetra or during solar eclipse is easily obtained by worshping Lord Krishna on this day. Therefore it is the duty of everyone to strickly observe this Kamika Ekadashi by worshiping lord Vishnu.               

Just as the water cannot touch the lotus leaf similarly by the influence of this Kamika Ekadashi a person can remain aloof from sins. Anyone, who worships Lord Hari with Tulasi leaves is freed from all sins. Only by seeing Tulasi ones sinful reaction are distroyed, by touching Tulasi ones body become purified, by offering prayers to Tulasi ones diseases becomes cured, by bathing Tulasi one does not have to fear for Yamaraj the Lord of Death, by planting Tulasi one becomes fortunate enough to  reside with Lord Krishna and by offering Tulasi leaves at the feet of the Supreme Lord one attains pure devotional service. Even Chitra Gupta is unable to estimate the peity of one who offers obeisances and ghee lamp to such a Tulasi on the day of Ekadashi. The sin of killing a brahmin or an embryo is destroyed as a secondary result of observing this Kamika Ekadashi. One who hears or reads the glories of this Ekadashi with faith certainly attains the abode of Vishnu".          

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