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Vijaya  Ekadashi

8  (Mon) Krishna Ekadashi. Vijaya Ekadashi (in Soquel). Fast. 9  (Tue) Krishna Dvadashi. Paran between 08:30 and 10:21. The glories of this Ekadashi is discribed in Skanda Purana. Once Maharaj Yudhisthira enquired from Shri Krishna, "O, Lord Krishna, please be kind to me and discribe the Ekadashi that occures during the wanning moon in the month of February/March.    Lord Krishna replied, "O, King Yudhisthira! I will happily discribe the Ekadashi known as Vijaya Ekadashi to you. By observing the vow of this Ekadashi ones sinful reactions are simultaniously eradicated".


Amalaki Ekadashi

24  (Wed) Gaura Ekadashi. Amalaki Ekadashi (in Soquel). Fast. 25  (Thu) Gaura Dvadashi. Paran between 07:03 and 11:10. The topics of the glories of Amalaki Ekadashi which occures during the waxing moon in the month of February/March is described in Brahmanda Purana in the conversation between King Mandhata and sage Vasistha.   Once King Mandhata asked to the sage Vasistha, "O, most fortunate one, if you are pleased with and merciful to me then kindly discribe to me about a vow by following of which I can attain all auspiciousness". The sage Vasistha replied, "O, King, now I will explained to you about the glories and history of a great vow which awards one all auspiciousness. O, King! The name of this vow is Amalaki Ekadashi. The influence of the piety accumulated by following this Ekadashi certainly distroyes all ones sinful reactions and awards liberation as well as one can attain the result of donating one thousand cows". 

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How comply Ekadasi?

Как соблюдать Экадаши?

Ekadasi - day austerities or penances regularly observed by those who follow Sanatana Dharma. "Eka" means "one" and "dashi" - means "ten."

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